Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world, known to have over 50.000 different uses!


What can we use by Hemp:

  • leaves
  • stalk
  • seeds
  • roots


For what we can use leaves:

  • for animal beading
  • tee

For what we can use stalk:

  • paper (printing, newsprint, cardboard, packaking,…)
  • textil (clotes, diapers, handbags, denim, shoes,..)
  • industrial textiles (rope, canvas, tarps, carpeting, netting,…)
  • building materials (fibreboard, acrylics, insulation, fibreglass substitute,…)


For what we can use seeds:

  • industrial products (oil paints, varnishes, fuel, solvents, printing inks, coatings,..)
  • foods (hemp seed hearts, hemp seed oil, hemp protein powder,…)
  • body care (soaps, shampoos, lotions, balms, cosmetics,..)

For what we can use roots:

  • organic compost and nutients
  • remedy for conditions such as arthritis or joint pain, fibromyalgia ans eczema


Source: Pinterest.com


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