After sending your order via Internet, you receive a confirmation of receipt and the amount of the invoice. Furthermore you will get an explanation of the ordering process. Please note, that your order can only be processed on base of a completed order form.


All orders have to be payed in advance (prepayment) on the base of the issued Proforma Invoice.

You can pay:

By insured letter
the amount of the invoice is to be sent to our address. Attention: this is the least expensive way, but it is not as safe as a bank transfer. Mail happens to get lost on its way now and again. Find out about the best ways of delivery at your local post office. Don’t send coins. Our staff will send you the rest amount or some papers for the change.

Western Union (international money order)
Please fill in the money orders correctly (otherwise we cannot cash it!) and send it with registered mail to us.


If you send the payment from your order, always send your email address or the order number as a code-word with your payment. Otherwise we won’t find your order in our payment system.

If you don’t want to order online, print out the order form and send it with cash or money order to our address.

If you have any ideas to send money an easier way, do not hesitate to contact us.


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In Slovenia hempseeds are excluded from the drugdefinition. This is not so in all countries and we recomand to inform yourself about laws in your country. I am older than 18 years and declare not to use seeds for drugproduction.