Tray 77 Rockwool Plugs 3,5cm


Tray of 77 rockwool plugs for the propagation of seeds or cuttings.

The Grodan rockwool chock is perfect for seedlings and clones and will give your plants the start they need. Rockwool is a synthetic material and consists of small but strong fibers, which are used by the plant to produce roots. Since the fibers are so small, it is easy for the roots to find their way through the Grodan block and to produce strong roots. The Grodan set is composed of the Grodan blocks and the smaller chock that fits perfectly into the bigger block. That way you can first germinate your seeds in a smaller chock (or let your clones root for a day or two) and then insert the chock into this block, where the roots have another week or so until they are fully developed. Once the block is rooted, you can proceed to repot them and let them grow.


  • 3,5 x 3,5 x 4cm cm ready to use in a tray of 77 pieces


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