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Soler & Palau TD Silent 150/160 mm / 430/580 m3/h


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Low profile “Mixed-flow” fan TD-500/150/160 SILENT
with sound-absorbent insulation, extremely quiet

Manufactured in plastic material, with a specifically designed internal skin to direct the sound waves in the right angle for them to be captured by the sound-absorbent material.
Fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, a body that can be dismantled.
Connection box can be rotated 360º, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.

Technical data:
Nom. speed (r.p.m.): 2500/1950
Maximum absorbed power (W): 50/44
Maximum absorbed current (A): 0,22/0,19
Duty at free discharge (m3/h): 880/430
Maximum operating temp. (ºC): 60
Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 22/17
Ø Duct(mm):150/160
Weight (Kg): 6

Low profile
The low profile of the TD-SILENT fans makes them the most effective solution for installations where the space of installation is limited such as false ceilings.

Low noise level
Sound waves produced inside the TD, are directed through the perforated inner skin and absorbed by the layer of sound-absorbent material.

Easy maintenance
Bi-material support brackets, which in addition to simplifying installation, serve as joint seals.

Connection box rotated 360º
Connection box can be rotated 360º, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.

Flexible washers
Bi-material inlet and outlet incorporating a flexible washer to facilitate installation and absorb vibrations.

Support bracket
Support bracket for installing on a wall or ceiling, incorporating twin-material support brackets for the motor section that absorbs vibration.

Easy to mount
Loosen and open clamps on both sides.


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