‘Jilter’ Rolling Filter


Jilter® – roll your own cigarette-filters – were developed to reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful cancer-causing agents.

Jilter® maintains cleaner and brighter teeth and prevents tobacco particles from entering your mouth. Using Jilter® – means increasing your pleasure. Because of the reduced intake of nicotine and tar, there is a sufficient increase of enjoyment, a cleaner, smoother and flavour enhancing smoke.

Jilter® were designed to be quick, easy and convenient. Using a Jilter® filter will compliment your method of rolling a smoke.

Jilter® are manufactured with regular paper (wrapping material) and cellulose fibres (filter material). The manufacturing takes place with a health-conscious production process. The product produces a high tar and nicotine retention.

Jilter® were developed to ensure that they have a minimal effect on the desired active substances (reduction is less than 1% in the smoke).


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