Homebox GrowLab 100 v2.0 (100x100x200cm)


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The GrowLab™ GL100 v 2.0 is the perfect way to realize your growing ambitions. Its ten square feet of floor space is perfectly lit with a single 400-watt grow light while the two generously proportioned viewing window allows you to quickly check on your plants without disturbing their growing environment. The double-lined air ducts couldn’t make garden ventilation any easier making this the ideal beginner’s grow tent.

5 x 8″ / 200 mm (all ports are double-layered and fully adjustable to fit smaller diameter ducting and equipment)

Cord access: 2 x 4″ / 100 mm

Interior: reflective silver film
Exterior: waterproof black canvas with increased fabric density

Additional Features:
3 x Passive air intakes with integrated 700-micron bug screens and removable covers
2 x Super clear side viewing windows

Recommended lighting:
400-watt HPS or MH system


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