Gronest 8 Liter PET Pot


Gronest has engineered a technically advanced growing container using its proprietary “Aqua Breathe”. With Gronest’s highly engineered geotextile, we have achieved the optimum in strength durability, aeration and moisture retention in a single product.

Gronest are double stitched for added durability, highest quality Non-woven fabric that functions way better than generic fabric pots. Gronest are washable and bio-degradable and they are reasonably priced but the quality is never compromised.


  • Smarter, healthier, and more versatile alternative to traditional plastic or clay gardening containers
  • Allows plant roots to grow freely throughout soil
  • Prevents roots from circling back inside pot
  • Easy drainage helps prevent overwatering
  • Sturdy double stitched nylon handles
  • Easily moved or transported
  • Grow pots are washable and reusable
  • Accelerates plant yields and growth
  • Ventilation keeps plants at ideal temperature
  • Ideal for use with hydroponic systems such as overheads, drip irrigation and flood tray
  • Fabric Pots Gronest help promote healthier plants by allowing roots to Self-Prune


  • 19 x 19 x 21 cm


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