EsencialProt by Prot Eco is an insecticide and a biological fungicide. It is recommended that treatment against spider mites. It is manufactured from essential citrus plant extracts and oils.

ESENCIALPROT is a natural product derived from citrus essential oils and other plant extracts. It acts as a coadjuvant in the treatments, significantly increasing the contact between the pest, the plant and the penetration of the pesticides.


  • Coadjuvant, helps pesticides to enter hard-to-reach places in the plant.
  • It disperses the waxy secretions of the plants, which are a true physical barrier to pesticide treatments and increase the persistence of them.
  • Prevents condensation of moisture on the leaf (prevents dripping), causing asphyxiation of mites and hinders the proliferation of fungi.


  • One of the best combinations to achieve greater control in plague of red spider and mites is the “mixture” of Cinnaprot with Esencialprot.
  • In this case we will apply Cinnaprot first, and after 2, 3 days Esencialprot.
  • The same process was repeated after 7-10 days. Cinnaprot acts by contact weakening the mite while essentialprot finishes by drowning the remaining pest creating a film on the leaves. See table!


  • Red spider: Apply ESENCIALPROT from 4 to 8 days after applying CINNAPROT.


  • Foliar application: 1.5 ml / L of water in treatments with vegetation.


  • With high temperatures do not increase the dose.
  • Do not mix with acid or alkaline reaction products, do not mix with sulfur, copper, or other chelated metal products. It is not toxic, it does not produce waste.


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