Dark Room 103X103X200cm Vintage


The timeless shape with today’s technology!

The timeless shape with today’s technology!

Tubular Structure from DARKSTREET, skin and features from DARKROOM!
The Secret Jardin VINTAGE 100 replaces the DR100 Revision I.
It is based on the DARKSTREET Technology and takes DARKROOM characteristics.
Pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars and accessories that allow lamps, and carbon filters.

Available in different sizes:

DR60 60x60x150cm Street model
DR90 90x90x185cm
VINTAGE100 103x103x200cm
DR120 120x120x200cm
DR150 150x150x200cm
DR240 240x240x200cm Wide model
DR300 300x300x200cm


Better Quality
Spare Parts (5tubes for all the range)
New corners in more resistant Plastic
WaterTray en Myalr 190M
Double lateral doors
Double Cool Tube-socks
CableIT Accessory Included


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