Cristal Room 145x145x140cm


Grow box Secret Jardin Cristal Room 145x145x140cm.

Grow box Secret Jardin Cristal Room 145x145x140cm.

The Secret Jardin CRISTAL is a “Reflector Tent”, it offers the most intense and the best distribution of light of the market.
By its shape, it also offers a better evacuation of the heat.
It can be Settle down in the most inaccessible places.
Easy to assemble with its structure in fiberglass, it can only be used with CFL.
Ideal for propagation.

Available in:
CR60 (60x60x55cm)
CR110 (110x110x105cm)
CR145 (145x145x140cm)

No reflector required: Include metal hook for lighting
Optimized light response
Easy to assemble
WaterTrays in Mylar
Bag included
Dedicated to Compact Fluorescent Light
For Propagation & Growing & Small Flowering


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