Carbon filter PrimaKlima 150 – 475 m3/h



  • Manufacturer: Prima Klima
  • Model: K2602
  • Airflow max.: 620m3/h
  • Airflow optimal: 475m3/h
  • Adapter diameter. 150mm
  • Filter diameter: 200mm
  • Lenght: 400mm
  • Max. temperature: 80°C
  • Max. humidty: 70%
  • Weight: 5,1kg

Carbon filter PrimaKlima 150 – 475 m3/h

This filter destroys all the bad odors.
It is made out of metal, which contains active carbon particles.
Everything is wrapped up with the (Fleece Filter) which containts the bigger particles.
Set it on the inner part of the “Grow Room”.


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